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Daniel Jarvis (Winter Haven, FL, US)
The Final Variant is Communism T-Shirt

I love the messaging on the shirt. It’s turning heads and planting seeds.

Lorie Hudnall-Guinn (Mentor, OH, US)
The final variant

Every product you sell makes a statement. That's what I love about it.

Susan Kondek (Buffalo, NY, US)
The final variant

I believe that there is a good chance this will be the truth. I can’t believe at 66 I lived this long to see what happened to my country and how groups such as the police or our heroes at war or not defended back home. Some people may feel this is an unfair reference given COVID-19. We know now That it was started in a communistic country. What values do people have when they are afraid to offend the offenders, for example – – why can’t I find smoky the bear saying it is up to you to prevent Socialism. Wearing this which I put on my front side, I had people stop me and ask me where to get it.

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