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Big Girls Carry

Warrior 12's new women's shirt, "Big Girls Carry," makes a bold statement in no uncertain terms. This black tee isn’t shy about declaring where it stands. Emblazoned across it are the words “Little Girls Cry, Big Girls Carry Guns,” flanked by the imagery of two guns, a testament to strength and self-reliance.

This shirt is for the women who stand their ground, who know that resilience is born from facing life head-on. It’s for those who understand that tears are part of the journey, but it's the courage to take action that defines them. This design doesn't just speak; it roars with the spirit of women who are as comfortable at the shooting range as they are in any other facet of their lives.

Crafted from durable materials with a fit designed for comfort, this shirt is fit for those who are unapologetically fierce. It's perfect for a day at the range, a casual hangout, or any situation where a bit of grit is the order of the day. Plus, it makes a clear statement when looking for a gift for the woman who stands tall and carries big.

“Big Girls Carry: Speak softly and carry a big... attitude.” Pick up this shirt and wear your resilience like a badge of honor.

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