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    Warrior 12 was founded by active and veteran law enforcement and military. We believe in providing more than just quality apparel. We believe in embracing the warrior mindset and the essence of what it means to stand on the thin blue line, serve in our military, or simply be a patriotic American.

    Show pride in what you believe in. Whether you are active or former military, active or retired law enforcement, a true American patriot, or you simply support these great institutions, we have something for you.

    Warrior 12 is part of the Veteran Business Alliance, we work with organization’s such as Blue Lives Matter and Back the Blue 5K. All of our apparel is printed in St. Louis, Missouri. Warrior 12 is the go-to source for premium patriotic apparel, made by patriotic Americans.

    Giving Back

    We believe in supporting our outstanding local law enforcement, our fearless military, and our great American communities. We put a lot of time and money into organizations that give back such as Blue Lives Matter and Back the Blue 5K. While working with them, we have been able to give thousands of dollars back to law enforcement, officers in need, and the families of fallen officers.

    Our Name

    Warrior 12 was founded during a time when the nation seemed to turn against law enforcement. The founders believe the warrior spirit is essential to survival in law enforcement. The name derives from the warrior spirit of our veterans and police officers, and the slang term for police “12.” Initially launched for veterans and police officers, Warrior 12 has become the brand for all patriotic Americans.