Roger Dowell

Born in the city and implanted in the woods 10 years later, I quickly became a country boy at heart. Not the cowboy type. But the type to do a little shooting from time to time, hunting and fishing when time permitted, riding 4 wheelers (dangerously to some but within my limits) and just enjoying what nature has to offer every chance I got. As I’ve grown, I still maintain the same heart..just less time to do those things. Working blue collar on a framing crew and working my way up to Project Manager took dedication. As well as going from a parts delivery driver to a Parts Director over multiple dealerships. But somehow I still find time, once in a while, to enjoy all those things that I’ve enjoyed since a 10 year old boy was implanted in the woods. I’ve always had the utmost respect and gratitude towards our veterans, current service members and first responders. Which led me to my support for Warrior 12 Apparel. Not only do they back their founders beliefs with superior quality products. But still, to this day, they stand true to the support of the brave men and women that I have always supported myself. So I purchased my first shirt. Faith Over Fear. When I saw one of their ads for the shirt I just had to post a photo comment of me proudly wearing my shirt! Now here we are..supporting each other and the things we believe in. It’s a beautiful thing and I’m honored to be a part of the Warrior 12 family.

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