David Zenaro

The warrior mindset is a state of mind that allows you to face challenges and adversity with courage, strength, and determination. Throughout my life I’ve always tried to stand up for the right thing even when it made me the enemy. I’m a simple man.  I like my freedom, country, family, my guns, my dogs (Ivy and Quinn), food and cars. I’m a diesel mechanic/truck driver by trade. My hobbies include traveling, shooting, fishing, spending time outdoors and 4 wheeling. No matter how busy I am I try to take time to spend with the family playing board games or cards. I buy Warrior 12 because they’re good quality, I have shirts that go back years and I’m not that easy on them. The shirts look good and fit great which can be hard for me to find being a bigger guy.  Warrior 12 stands up for law enforcement and military. They never back down especially now during cancel culture. There shirts speak what’s on my mind. It’s very important for me when I spend my money with a company that the company loves and supports this country like I do.

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