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Big Nick Energy

Stepping into the festive scene with Warrior 12's "Big Nick Energy" long sleeve shirt means you're not just joining the Holiday party, you're transforming it.

Santa is the main feature on this black long sleeve shirt, but this isn't the jolly old fellow from childhood tales. Sitting confidently on his packed sack of gifts, our Santa exudes a unique kind of charisma - one that only "Big Nick" can radiate.

Those with a keen sense of humor will instantly recognize the humor behind this design. As "Big Nick Energy" wraps around our modern Santa, the message is clear: this holiday season gives you the excuse to wear the greatest shirt the world has ever seen.

Chuckles and double-takes are guaranteed. Crafted with top-notch materials ensuring a perfect fit, this long sleeve is for those who don't just attend the party, they become the highlight.

Bring your Big Nick Energy this Christmas season.

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