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Don't Mess With

Warrior 12 unveils the “Don’t Mess With” shirt, a black canvas that carries a powerful message stacked with undeniable priorities: Family, Faith, Friends, Flag, Firearms. These five F’s form the foundation of a creed that many hold dear, a list of untouchable values for those who stand strong in their beliefs.

This shirt does more than just cover your back; it's a declaration, a line drawn in the sand. It starts with Family, the core unit, the tight-knit group that’s got your six no matter what. Then comes Faith, the bedrock of many a warrior's world, providing strength and guidance in times of turmoil. Friends are next, the brothers and sisters in arms, whether by blood or bond, who stand with you when the chips are down. The Flag represents the nation, the symbol of sacrifices made and freedoms fought for, flying high with pride and honor. And finally, Firearms, the tools of both defense and heritage, representing the right to protect, to hunt, to be sovereign.

Made from quality materials for a comfortable fit, this shirt isn’t just for anyone. It’s for the steadfast, the protectors, the believers in life’s fundamental rights. It’s perfect for gatherings with like-minded souls, a day at the range, or a quiet evening reflecting on what these pillars mean. When looking for a gift that speaks volumes of respect and reverence, “Don’t Mess With” says it all.

“Don’t Mess With: Not just words, a way of life.” Get this shirt, stand tall, and show the world what you’re made of.

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