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Warrior 12 rolls out “Fathor,” a shirt that's more than just threads and ink. It's navy blue, bold, and clear. Smack in the center, it boasts the line “Like A Dad, Just Way Cooler,” with that famous hammer smashing through “Fathor.” This isn’t your regular dad shirt; it’s a testament to the dads out there who are nailing it on all fronts.

This tee is a nod to the dads who blend the might with the warmth of fatherhood. They're the everyday heroes who might not wield magical hammers but command a mighty presence in their kids’ lives. The hammer meeting “Fathor” isn’t just for show—it symbolizes the powerful impact a great dad has, blending strength with a touch of cool that no one else can match.

Crafted for comfort and built to last, this shirt fits the life of a dad who’s both tough and tender. It’s ideal for those days spent at the grill, evenings at the kids’ soccer games, or just kicking back at home with the family. Thinking of a gift? “Fathor” is a winner for Father’s Day, birthdays, or any day you want to celebrate the superhero dad in your life.

“Fathor: Not just a dad, a legend in his own right.” Snag this shirt and let the legend live on.

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