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Fireworks Director

There's only a couple of times per year that you get to play with explosives in the middle of your neighborhood, and Warrior 12's "Fireworks Director" shirt will have you ready for the moment you've been waiting for. 

This light-grey shirt is for the bold unsung heroes who spend their hard-earned money on fireworks so that their neighbors don't have to. The phrase "Fireworks Director - I run, you run" lets everybody know that you know what you're doing, or you think you do, and that danger is in the opposite direction of where you're running.

Made from high-quality materials and designed for a comfortable fit, this shirt is perfect for lighting explosives on fire. In a world full of spectators, you're the action taker, the one who brings the sparkle to the night. Take pride in your self-appointed role and order now to get your shirt.

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