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Remember Everyone Deployed

Warrior 12's "Remember Everyone Deployed" t-shirt is your go-to shirt for every RED Friday. Because while we are at work gearing up for the weekend, there are American soldiers, gear in hand, miles and oceans away from their loved ones.

The back of this shirt has silhouettes of soldiers, which represent real people, our friends and family, deployed away from home. The words, "Remember Everyone Deployed - Until They All Come Home," is a commitment to keep them in our thoughts and prayers until every last one is back on home soil.

Made from high-quality materials and designed for a comfortable fit, this shirt speaks to patriots, military families, and anyone who keeps our deployed soldiers close to their heart. Wearing this shirt is a small but significant way to say, "You're not forgotten." And it reminds others that there are men and women making sacrifices to ensure that the rest of use can live in peace.

We're waiting, we're remembering. Until they all come home.

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