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Small Blaster, Luck Master

Warrior 12 introduces the "Small Blaster, Luck Master" t-shirt on kelly green.

Our leprechaun is packing heat… Just a tiny bit of heat. Our creature from Irish lore is laid back with his small pew pew in his hand, with the phrase “Small Blaster, Luck Master.”
This shirt is for the ones who appreciate a good laugh and don’t take themselves too seriously. When you wear this shirt, everybody with an appreciation for our twisted sense of humor will love it, and the rest of the word will be left shocked and confused, wondering what it is they just saw.

Made from high-quality materials to ensure comfort and durability, this t-shirt is perfect for St. Patrick's Day celebrations, or any day you feel like tipping your hat to the luck of the Irish with a side of bravado. It's a conversation starter, a way to show off your Irish pride, or simply a testament to the belief that sometimes a small blaster can get the job done.

Wear it proudly with the luck of the Irish on your side. 

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