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Sweat More In Training

Warrior 12's "Sweat More In Training" t-shirt is here in a heather gray 90/10 cotton/polyester blend to be your next training shirt.

You're up at the crack of dawn, the world's still quiet, and there's a chill in the air. But you're not alone. Somewhere out there, your adversary's getting up too, lacing up, training for the fight fight. They don't take days off. Neither do you.

This shirt's got time-honored wisdom across the front, "Sweat more in training, bleed less in battle." Every drop of sweat in training is a drop of blood you don't shed when it counts.

Whether you're hitting the weights, running the extra mile, or honing your skills, it's about being ready, being the best. When you're grinding past your limits, remember, it's the unseen hours of hard work that make the difference between victory and defeat.

Made from high-quality materials and designed for a comfortable fit, this shirt is for those who understand the cost of readiness. It’s ideal for those who know the cost of failure.

Your enemies aren't resting; neither should you.

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