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Tell Me I'm Beautiful

Warrior 12's got something special for the ladies who pack a punch and prefer steel to flowers: the "Tell Me I'm Beautiful" shirt in classic black. This isn't just any tee. It's a statement, bold and clear: "Buy Me Guns and Tell Me I'm Beautiful," with the image of a gun slicing through the words like a bullet through paper.

It's for the woman who stands her ground, whose beauty is matched by her strength and confidence. Wearing this shirt is like carrying the legacy of those fearless women who rode through the dust, guns at their side, eyes fixed on the horizon.

Made from high-quality materials and designed for a comfortable fit, this shirt speaks to the no-nonsense, gun-loving woman with a fierce sense of self. It's perfect for a day at the shooting range, a casual outing, or as a gift for the lady who knows that true beauty comes with a bit of firepower.

"Empowerment with every round." Ready to wear your attitude? 

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