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The Lord Is My Strength

Warrior 12's latest offering, the "Lord Is My Strength" shirt, serves as a bold testament to faith and fortitude. This black shirt carries more than just a design; it bears a declaration. On the back, it proudly states, "The Lord is my Strength and my shield," encircling a striking cross that stands at the center. Below, the reference PSALM 28.7 anchors the message in scripture. The front is just as compelling, featuring a cross with a shield superimposed, the Warrior 12 logo emblazoned within the shield, symbolizing protection and faith welded together

This shirt speaks to the heart of those who draw their strength from above, who see their spiritual beliefs not just as a part of life but as the very essence of life. The cross and shield together aren’t just symbols; they are an armor, a daily reminder that faith is a protector, a guide, and a source of power in the face of life's battles.

Made from high-quality materials for lasting comfort, this design is tailored for those who proudly carry their faith and their values wherever they go. It’s a fitting choice for church gatherings, religious events, or casual day-to-day wear where making a statement of faith feels right. It also makes a thoughtful gift for anyone who finds their courage and commitment reflected in Psalm 28:7.

"Lord Is My Strength: Wear your faith like armor." Grab this shirt and let your faith shine as your shield.

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