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Kirk (Phoenix, AZ, US)
Say 2.0

Love the Shirt! Awesome design and feel!! Thank you and happy to support you guys!

Randy messina (Springfield, MA, US)

Say When 2.0

Thomas Miller (San Antonio, TX, US)
Because 4 stars for no reason is STUPID!

I'm writing this review because out of ALL the reviews, the THREE that are not 5 stars are ridiculous! The 3 star person doesn't even say a word and the 2 that are 2 starts BOTH say good things, yet only left 4 stars. Well, that's a bunch of crap and that's why I'm giving them an extra 5 star rating! I'll give more 5 star ratings for each shirt I purchase too! A company that has this many 5 star ratings doesn't deserve to have the 3 morons ruining a perfect score and it pisses me off. Some people still need a good ole smack in the mouth.

Thank you Thomas! We truly appreciate your support. Going out of your way to give such positive feedback is amazing, and truly appreciated!! God bless you friend!