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The shirt you sent me was actually not the right color I wanted it in black but the color you did send me a loved it so much I decided to keep it and now it is perfect the only reason why I didn't give you top stars is that it's not in a hoodie I really wish you would make that shirt in that color maroon or red or whatever was in a hoodie I am more than pleased I just wish it was in a hoodie now the hoodie that I received from you guys there shipment that I received from you guys are fantastic I could not be happier except that the Roman shirt is not a hoodie hint hint.

Anthony, I'm very glad that you liked the color of the SPQR design. I'm sorry for any confusion regarding color choice. The SPQR design is not currently offered in black. It only comes in the maroon color it is advertised on. Again, I'm very sorry for any confusion, but I am very happy that it worked out and you loved the color. I will certainly let our design team know that you would like to see this design offered in a hoodie as well. Thank you for your feedback and continued support!
history needs to be reviewed regularly

more of historical events need to be offered.

awesome shirt

I must say this shirt is awesome. It is a perfect fit and this is my second or third purchase from Warrior 12. I can say the product quality is great and have yet to be disapointed.